Recall for a moment a major transition in your life.  It could be a graduation, a wedding, the birth of a loved one, a new job, or moving to a new home.  In each case, most of us are apprehensive about the change, since we leave what is familiar to move into uncharted territory.  Even if it is a positive move forward, the future is uncertain.


In almost every case, such transitions lead to positive surprises that enrich our lives.  In retrospect, we see the blessings that have come our way that we would not have experienced if we had not made the change.


More transition is coming to Genesis.  Jay Kalis leaves March 1 after nearly 3 years as our director of children and youth. I retire (again!) June 30 and a new pastor will begin at Genesis July 1.  We soon will be able to announce the name of that pastor.  I’m delighted that the new pastor will be full-time, enabling the ministries at Genesis to grow in expanded ways.


Unlike some of the past changes at Genesis, these moves are healthy and planned.  We have a chance to say our good-byes and move into the future constructively.  Our staff parish relations team will be leading us through these transitions, assessing our staff needs as we move on.


As I read the Bible, I see time after time that God’s people experienced change and grew in their faith and discipleship.  The same thing has happened to the church for 20 centuries.


From December 31 through the end of January, you experienced five different persons preaching at our Sunday worship services.  Preaching has been defined as “truth through personality.”  Each one of us who is a church leader finds unique ways of sharing faith and Christian hope. I’m sure your new pastor will do that in ways that I cannot.


Thank you for your faithfulness to Genesis through these changes.  I look forward to these five months of growing together with you, and launching Genesis into its bright future.  It is my joy to be your pastor each day until July 1.


Pastor John Ross

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