One Among Us


Greetings! This past sermon series, GDS (Grace Delivery System), has been both heart-wrenching and inspiring. I spoke about hunger, homelessness, abuse, human trafficking, and the fear associated with terror and refugees. During this series, we collected items that would benefit those persons affected by each of these things and then took them out to various places in order to make a difference in the community around us. We truly were Carriers of Grace during this time. However, none of these things ceased to exist during that time. They continue to manifest themselves in our community – and even within our very walls.

Not long ago, we welcomed a stranger with open arms who had spent the previous night sleeping in their car. Not many were aware of this because we did not see a homeless person – we simply saw another child of God. I was truly touched as I observed the interaction with this individual. No one turned away in disgust or shunned them as the “other.” I stood there thinking to myself that this is what a community of Christ is supposed to look like and how we are to act as Christ followers. My heart was warmed as I watched items being loaded up to take out into the community for those who are hurting while I stood next to one who had reached out to us in the midst of their pain. In that moment, I realized how important it is for us to be Carriers of Grace both here and out in the world. It is not simply by offering “things” that we are acting on behalf of Christ – it is also by honoring the humanity of all people. It is looking past their current situation and seeing the person God created. Thank you Genesis for truly being the hands and feet of Christ!!

~Pastor DeAnn

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