Give thanks to the God of heaven,
For God’s hesed (lovingkindness) endures forever (Psalm 136:26 Paraphrased)

Shelly and I are so blessed to finally be here ‘physically’ at Genesis UMC. We are blessed as well to be in our new home in Forest Hills. Moving is one of the most stressful activities we undergo in our lives and certainly one of the most soul-searching. After six weeks, and only one night of me sleeping on the sofa, we claim, with God’s help, and your hospitality, that we are “settled in”.

Praying before and during a move can be as complex as the moving itself. Do we ask God for strength, for mercy, for immeasurable amounts of both? We pray for the movers, for our children’s grief of the loss of a familiar place and friends, and we even pray, in a slightly worldly way, for the safety of our “stuff”.

Despite our elevated anxiety and senseless efforts to control the uncontrollable, we always receive both the strength and mercy prayed for as we began packing the first boxes. God shows us in the microcosm of moving that all will be well with our souls no matter the stressors. God invariably blesses us, and our million streaming prayers are narrowed down to one simple prayer; “Thank you God, thank you new church family, and thank you all who prayed for this event.”

What fear do you have today? What seems insurmountable in your life? Let us all help one another to reach that summit of gratitude and to praise God together. Let us worship as one with simple yet profound prayer of “thank you.”

Pastor Tommy

YOU AND I ARE LOVED “Money, Get Back…I’m alright Jack, keep your hands off of my stack” (-R. Waters)