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Children & Youth Ministries

Our children and youth programs aim for youth of all ages to move from a basic “understanding” of scripture and beliefs to personalizing the message, establishing a personal relationship with God, strengthening their prayer life, and developing an outward focus of attending to the greater community needs as a transforming presence in the world.

Children’s programming is offered during the 9:30 worship service.



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  • Safety First

    Keeping kids safe

    Genesis UMC is committed to providing a safe environment for children, youth and vulnerable adult populations.  Volunteers are screened, background checked and provided training.  First aid kits are available throughout the facility and a number of volunteers and staff are First Aid & CPR certified.

    ChildAndYouthAbusePreventionPolicy-January 2016

  • Ages0-2


    Ages 0-2 

    Children ages 0-2 are cared for in a safe, loving, fun, and comfortable environment. The nursery opens 15 minutes prior to worship, and there is a badge ID system. Volunteer caregivers (at least two adults) provide child care during worship services.

  • Ages3-5

    jam kids

    Ages 3-5 – Jesus and Me

    This more active age group is also learning through play. While there are many things to do, there is a lengthened learning time each Sunday, which prepares these 3-, 4-, and 5-year-olds for the KidZone, which begins in Kindergarten.

  • GradesK-5

    Children's Worship Centers

    Grades K-5

    KidZone operates on the Rotation Model of Christian Education.  Each Bible story is presented over three or more weeks.  Every week, children encounter the story using a variety of activities, including Bible games, drama, art, cooking, and more.  In this method of teaching, the children come to own God’s stories, thus producing fertile soil in which the seeds of faith will take root!

    There are two (2) groups within KidZone; K-2nd grade & 3rd-5th grade.

  • Grades6-12


    Grades 6-12 

    Junior and Senior High youth ministry program for grades 6-12 is offered from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. on Sundays. EDGE utilizes large and small group programming and is supported by a team of adult volunteers as small group leaders. Leaders utilize a multi-year curriculum, which leads youth through the process of spiritual formation and inviting them to become disciples of Jesus in the process.  In addition to growing together, the youth have SNACKS, game time, special events, service projects and more!

    Youth Ministry Calendar 2016-2017

  • Parent Feedback

    From a Member

    My heart is simply bursting with joy tonight that my family is a part of such a wonderful community. In particular, I’m finding myself so grateful that my children are so warmly welcomed and embraced as a part of the “worshiping throng”. I had to “fly solo” w/my 5 year old daughter in tow this morning. Joan and the praise team didn’t bat an eye when I showed up for rehearsal w/her along…In fact, they waved and said hi and smiled at her. When she approached Pastor DeAnn about her desire to help serve communion, she received what was basically a “we’ll make it happen as soon as we can” response. When I brought her into the serenity room to pray and do communion in preparation for worship, she was welcomed yet again… invited to partake- and no one batted an eye. When I needed to be part of the worship team and was searching for a loving friend to allow my precocious child to sit with them, Miss Ashley warmly welcomed her without a moment’s hesitation. “Mr. Chris” (Christen Prine) gave of his time and skill and talent to lovingly fashion a physical representation to help my daughter learn about the myriad of rich stories in the Bible. “Mr. Bill” (Bill Bode) warmly invited and included each child in the preparation and blessing of this lovely learning tool. No wonder my little Rebekah says Genesis is her favorite place to go. At each and every turn, in every moment of every experience she has there, she is welcomed and embraced- for who she is, how God created her, and as a beloved child of the Most High. And the most amazing thing, dearest Genesis family, is that you do all this almost without conscious effort. She’s just part of the family. The big, wonderful, loving, blessing-us-in-so-many-ways, Genesis UMC Family. Thank you. From the bottom of my heart.