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One of our core values here at Genesis is the “extended hand”. It reminds us that as we reach out to others in service, we are both a blessing and blessed. Consistent and dedicated effort is put into having multiple opportunities available for people to participate in what we call “hands-on mission” projects. The goal within this area of ministry is to have a three-fold field of involvement. Those three areas are:

• Local – the greater Grand Rapids area
• National – within the 48 contiguous states
• Global – wherever God calls us to be involved around the world


We have specific ways that we engage in each of those geographic areas with target goals for frequency of involvement. Visit the Outreach Ministries Page


Being a follower of Christ includes a commitment to lifelong learning. At Genesis we offer introductory as well as intensive learning opportunities designed to help you increase your biblical knowledge, expand your theological horizons, and deepen your prayer life.

Children & Youth

Our children and youth programs aim for youth of all ages to move from a basic “understanding” of scripture and beliefs to personalizing the message, establishing a personal relationship with God, strengthening their prayer life, and developing an outward focus of attending to the greater community needs as a transforming presence in the world.

Small Group

Support for the day-to-day challenges of living the Christian life happens best in small groups. We are called to process, discern, listen, and pray together on a regular basis. Authentic Christian community is nurtured and sustained by small group ministry. Our goal is to have multiple options available at all times for people to find community, grow spiritually and develop means of accountability for their life of discipleship. Some groups are designed for short-term participation and others grow into being covenant groups that meet on a consistent long-term basis. There are also fellowship or infinity groups that emerge from time to time.

Deaf & Hard of Hearing (HOH)

Hands of Faith Ministry is about providing opportunities for the deaf and hard of hearing communities to grow their relationship with God and build meaningful relationships with church family, through interpreted worship, small group spiritual connections, community involvement and fellowship.


Fellowship groups offer informal opportunities for connecting, building meaningful relationships and community.

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