Learning from the Life of Jesus



Lent begins February 14 and extends until Easter on April 1. During this season, I will be preaching on the theme “Learning from the Life of Jesus.”

We know many of the words of Jesus. His teachings rank among the best-known words in all the world, even beyond Christianity.  However, he also taught with the way he lived his life.  How he acted in many ways spoke as loud as his words.

I will be exploring what Jesus’ actions mean in 2018, as each of us seeks a meaningful life and hopes to make a better world.

As always, I appreciate input, both before and after sermons.  What struggles do you have? What decisions do you need to make?  How is 2018 difficult or hopeful for you? When do you wonder what you should do?

If you read these scriptures before you come to worship and ask “What does this mean for my life?” or “What does this mean for our church?”, it will prepare you for worship.

I look forward to sharing with you as follows:

February 18 – Mark 1:9-15 – Learn to Receive

February 25 – Mark 8:31-38 – Learn to Reject Evil

March 4 – John 2:13-22 – Learn When to Be Angry

March 11 – John 3:14-21 – Learn to Be Light

March 18 – John 12:20-33 – Learn to Plant

March 25 – Palm/Passion Sunday – Portions of Mark 14 and 15 – Learn When Not to Fight

March 29 – Holy Thursday – John 13:1-17, 31b-35 – Learn to Serve

April 1- Easter – John 20:1-18 – Learn to Share Hope

Pastor John Ross

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