God’s Call in 2017


How is God calling you in 2017?

I had the opportunity to bring the message, “Caring for Mortals,” this past Sunday while Pastor John Ross enjoys a well-deserved vacation.

Part of the message was a reflection of how the Genesis community has responded to the six mercies found in Matthew 25:31-46:
“We, on the other hand, live in a context of Christianity being in the norm.  For the most part, we are not the least of these.  Commentator Richard Gardner points to an all-important question for us as modern Christians: ‘Have we welcomed the radical witness of those disciples who in Jesus’ name challenge our usual preoccupations?  When worldly powers afflict them, have we stood alongside them in love and solidarity and active care for the needy?'”

Genesis has a long tradition of responding to the needs of those who have been marginalized or faced injustice.  As individuals and as a congregation, we have fed the hungry, provided drink for the thirsty, clothing for the naked, shelter for the homeless and the stranger, and care for the sick.  As Pastor has said before, we must focus on the needs of others in order to grow and prosper.

Therefore, in this first week of 2017, I am asking that we all consider the questions above.  Have we welcomed the radical witnesses who challenge us?  Have we stood beside those witnesses in love, solidarity and active care?  For some this may involve continuation of your service in a ministry like Kids Food Basket.  For others, you may begin ministering in a new way, like joining the Congregational Care Team.  Still yet, some of you may be feeling that small tug, a calling from God to serve outside of Genesis in one of the many ministries in the community.

Whatever your gift and however God has called you to use it, I hope that you feel connected and supported in this work at Genesis.  If not, I encourage you to speak with a member of the Lay Leadership or the staff.  We would be happy to assist you.

Grace and peace,
Jay Kalis

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